Xian:Dancing In The Park, Etc.

Tony Guida

by Tony Guida

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A lot of tourists from all over China and throughout the world come to Xian. It is often primarily to meet the ancient terra cotta warriors unearthed not so long ago. That’s the main reason we’re here too. And we will see them before we leave this energized city. However, this morning, October 17, 2011, after a sumptuous, multicourse Chinese “breakfast” at the Grand New World Hotel where we are staying, our local guide “Jenny” will lead us straight over to Xingqing Park. If we had any thoughts that a trip to the park will be an unnecessary diversion, and a bad idea given our limited time and many “must see” sites, we’ll soon find out how wrong we were. Xingquing Park is crowded with mostly seniors, mostly retired people we’re told. They’re dancing, exercising and socializing. Don’t think that sounds so very exciting, well…wrong, at least as far as we’re concerned. For our group, seeing and joining in (with some of the dancing anyway),meeting friendly locals our own age (most of us anyway) will be remembered as a real and unexpected highlight of our trip. Our group, Americans plus a few Canadians, seem to be the only “foreigners.” We leave the park a-buzz, talking about how great it would be to have something like what we’ve seen at home. The only thing that we would not consider replicating are the goings on in the amphitheater. There old timers enthusiastically belt out Communist Party Revolutionary era songs from the 50’s and 60s. Not that we wouldn’t like nostalgic songs on the menu in our park, but early rock and roll would probably be more popular.

Ready for the morning happenings in Xingqing Park? Come on along then….

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This clip is Part 5 of our “China–And How!” adventure.

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