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    Jennifer Smith

    by Jennifer Smith


    In Sir William Stewart's report page 113, frequencies between 300 MHz and 300 GHz are defines as microwaves.
    This is in line with the International Commission's definition of microwaves as defined in 1998.
    Therefore everything discussed in this report is in the microwave frequency.

    Microwaves react very differently in our water-based bodies to radio waves.
    The term 'Radio Frequency' is often used to describe microwaves based communication systems.
    It is important that the term 'Radio Frequency' is not associated with Radio Waves, but associated with microwaves.
    Microwaves are used by the communications industry because they are more penetrative than radio waves.

    The Stewart Report 2004 asks that anecdotal evidence be taken seriously in the absence of long-term epidemiological studies, concerning illnesses around the area of mobile phone transmitters. Such anecdotal evidence produced July 2002 refers to 92 cases of cancer around just 19 mobile phone transmitters.
    Other illnesses on the same paper refer to breast cancers, thyroid, bowel and blood problems.