Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson - Poetry Reading


by Rajshri

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Richard Cory - A poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. About the poem - "Richard Cory" is a narrative poem written by Edwin Arlington Robinson. It was first published in 1897, as part of The Children of the Night, having been completed in July of that year, and remains one of Robinson's most popular and anthologized poems. The poem describes a person who is wealthy, well educated, mannerly, and admired by the people in his town. Despite all this, he takes his own life. About the poet - Edwin Arlington Robinson (December 22, 1869 – April 6, 1935) was an American poet. He was born in Tide, Lincoln County, Maine in USA. Robinson's early difficulties led many of his poems to have a dark pessimism. Gradually, his literary successes began to mount. For his contribution to the literature, he was awarded with three Pulitzer Prizes. For more videos log onto Also find us on Facebook at Subscribe & Stay Tuned -