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    Star Trek - 7 Fun Facts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Star Trek - 7 Uncommon Facts - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.

    Are you a fan of Star Trek? Here are 7 fun facts to check out.

    Number 7 - The original series was produced by Lucille Ball’s studio Desilu and when the studio executives wanted to pull the show because it was too expensive to produce, she wouldn’t allow it.

    Number 6 - Beginning with Star Trek: The Next Generation, the number 47 makes regular appearances throughout numerous episodes. Writer Joe Menosky began a fascination with the number after attending Pomona College.

    Number 5 - The hand sign Spock makes for “Live long and prosper”, is a modified version of a gesture made by Jewish priests forming the Hebrew letter ‘Shin’.

    Number 4 - NBC asked Gene Roddenberry to “get rid of the guy with the pointy ears” but Roddenberry refused.

    Number 3 - Patrick Stewart has stated that the costume he was forced to wear in the first two seasons of The Next Generation was so tight and painful that his chiropractor suggested he sue the studio.

    Number 2 - King Abdullah II of Jordan had a brief, non-speaking cameo in Star Trek: Voyager and is reported to be creating a 184-acre Star Trek theme park in Jordan.

    Number 1 - Many actors, including William Shatner, could not do the Vulcan hand sign. Shatner would have his fingers tied with fishing line and Zach Quinto who revised the iconic Spock character in the 2009 movie had to have his fingers glued together.