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    This short video is presented of the day Elmo arrived, before our little one had a chance to open the package. I'd definitely buy one of these online- the ones in the store looked a little ragged- clearly someone had "try me"'d them too much as the batterys were low and they looked picked over.

    Elmo is the pal you always wanted to have when you were just a little tyke! He sings, dances, plays along with your child to provide hours and hours of good, clean, interactive and educational fun!

    In addition to the Elmo doll himself, you can purchase accessories which looks like instruments and allow your child to rock along with Elmo! If you've wanted to encourage a love of music in your son or daughter, this is the perfect gender neutral introduction to how musical instruments work!

    Check out our short video of the arrival of Lets Rock Elmo, then head on over to and get one for the budding music enthusiast in your family!