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    Former Life - Fake a smile [CLIP OFFICIEL]


    par FormerLife

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    First video clip of the french band Former Life on the song "Fake a smile".
    Premier clip du groupe Former Life sur le titre "Fake a smile".

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    "Behind the Mirror" (EP) release on september 2012. | Sortie de l'EP en septembre 2012.


    Réalisation : Elise Thénard
    Assistant réalisation : Ornella Roccia
    Cadre : Elise Thénard
    Montage et Post Production: Elise Thénard et Ornella Roccia

    Thanks to :
    Guillaume Mauduit (Studio Sainte-Marthe)
    Mélissa Thomas, Kelly Roy (Make up/Maquillage)
    Aurélie Humez


    LYRICS :

    A little conversation
    I'd rather it was just for fun
    But this is it
    You reduced all these years to nothing
    I heard your voice
    I didn't wanna understand, I seemed to be lost
    Where I've gotta go now? Must I wander as a ghost?

    Some people say that it could be worse than that
    But losing you is same as you kill my heart

    You, yes I trusted you
    Now there's nothing anymore
    So fake a smile, yeah fake a smile to
    You, if you think you feel so good
    Close our book
    Then fake a smile, lie to your mind

    I took your words as razorblades in my chest
    And I think you overlook this
    Just to forget our story
    But it doesn't work
    I should have a choice
    A way to fix it
    A "sorry" more sincere
    I don't even see your tears

    I can't figure out, I can't even shout
    Is it so easy to chuck it all in to destruct everything with some thoughts?
    I'm on the ground
    Cause you put me so down
    Your voice hurts me, I don't wanna hear more sound from


    I took the words you said as razorblades in my chest
    Did you overlook this just to forget our story
    I don't want things to go that way
    'Cause there's no price to pay
    Look me in the eye and tell me
    You can live your life without me