Montreal Screw Job

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Shawn Micheals wins the wwf title from Brett Hart but he went against the script with Vince's approval and the Hitman goes nuts.


This is propably because I only started watching wrestling from 2000, But I don't really understand how did HBK screw Bret Hart?

It seems 2 me like HBK made Hart tap out 2 the sharpshooter fair & square.
By georgex2 7 years ago
HHH did know - There is another clip with HHH saying that Vince spoke with them and told them what was going on and what he wanted to do. After a long silence HHH said right if he is not going to work for the company then you make it work for him. So vince decided there and then what was going to happen and told both HBK and HHH to leave everything to him. All blame would be on him.
By Andy J M 7 years ago
i wonder if hhh did really no.
By hww 7 years ago
Vince suck
By Carlos-Jr 7 years ago
can u post the whole thing???
By Just Talktome 8 years ago