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    The Grawlix - Ep. 1 "Introductions"

    Brothers Nix

    by Brothers Nix

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    Not very funny for an Intro episode, which i always thought should be the best, since they want more viewers for the following episodes, AND mostly b/c they have an unlimited amt of time to come up w/ really great jokes. . .
    So disappointing. I skimmed thru the first few scenes and gave up. I mean, come on, "he got us tickets to the next two games!" Haha. So obvious. I couldve wrote better and i dont even wanna be a comedian or comedy writer. And i wouldve done so simply by being aware of how lame, hackney, cliche, and obvious the jokes would be if i ended up w/ this garbage douschebaggery!
    By dm_5029ad37dad703 years ago