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    Let a Broker Buy Your Next Car - Autoline After Hours 164

    Autoline Detroit

    by Autoline Detroit

    Like it has everything else, you would think the Information Age would have by now worked its magic on the car buying experience. Depending who you ask, it has … maybe. But there is still a lot of confusion over how to negotiate the best deal. How do you know whether you’re getting a fair price or whether you’re being taken for a ride? This week’s guest has been an auto broker for more than 20 years. Now Isaac Bouchard has authored the new ebook, “Car Buying Tips Guide.” We’ll ask him how the average person can improve his or her buying experience. And, whether they should skip the showroom altogether and go through a broker like Isaac. Of course you can expect us to delve into the hot topics of the week as well. Joining John McElroy in studio is his After Hours partner in crime Peter De Lorenzo, the Autoextremist, and Steve Finlay of WardsAuto Dealer Business!