Online Video Marketing – Intro Video Production Sample

John Phillips
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Video Marketing together with and Nigel Phillips. Intro Videos for Video Marketing has emerged as the one single most powerful way to promote your business on the Internet.

This Light Glare video is a short Intro created specially for Bill Phillips – Talking Business Online.

Marketing with video connects your customers, with tremendous impact and immediacy, to the products and services you offer. Video conveys far more than the single one-at-a-time stream of words that we find on a traditional sales page.

Video communicates simultaneously via the senses of vision and hearing. It engages our awareness in multiple layers at the same time: through imagery, motion, colour, language, music, rhythm and more.

Working together, we have the ability to send your online business rocketing to the top of the search engine page rankings.

You can find out more information on using intros, impact, branding, generic and corporate videos, promotional content, logo animation, picture animation, video editing and motion graphics including Video SEO here on our Daily Motion video marketing channel, or on our ever growing website.

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