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    Vladimir Putin flies with cranes, likes orgies

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin took to the skies to teach a few white Siberian cranes how to migrate. Oh, and he made some awkward comments about orgies. Check it out below.

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    The highly publicized Pussy Riot trial that resulted in a two-year prison sentence for three members has put Russia's strict leadership in the spotlight. In an hour-long interview with Russia Today, Putin brought up some of their lesser-publicized stunts.

    For example, not many people know that member of Pussy Riot erected effigies saying: "Jews, gays and migrant workers should be driven out of Moscow."

    Putin also discussed a public orgy the group took part in at one of Moscow's museums, adding the awkward comment: "You know some fans of group sex say it's better than one-on-one because, like in any team, you don't need to hit the ball all the time."

    In other — less sexual — news, Putin also continued his efforts to save wild animals while making himself look like he has soul by teaching some Siberian cranes how to migrate. How do you do that? Just to watch Fly Away Home.