EMF Radiation Meters (Radiation Meters) EMF Radiation Meters

Jennifer Smith

by Jennifer Smith

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At PCE Instruments you will find UVA radiation meters, devices for measuring illumination, electro magnetic fields, solar radiation and solar activity detectors. The radiation meters for electro magnetic fields, solar radiation and lux are becomi ng more and more important due to increased negative effects of the environment by use of fossil fuels and leaking electromagnetic fields. Radiation meters are used for both personal and professional use for measuring such things as transformers, power lines and electrical devices. They are also used extensively in the industrial sector or in research and development. These radiation meters can be DIN ISO 9000 calibrated and certified and have other optional accessories available. Some of our radiation meters are able to take long-term recordings, while other models possess an auto shut-off function in order to guarantee a long lifetime of the batteries. Thanks to the well legible displays of our radiation meters, it is very easy to read off the precise measuring results which our radiation meters offer. That is how the radiation meters guarantee optimal user comfort. Some models are even able to indicate polarity.