Video Production - The Importance of Writing when Video Marketing

John Phillips
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I'm Bill Phillips who works together with Nigel Phillips Video Marketing Services one of the voice over professionals. And yes, Nigel and I think we probably are distant cousins.

My background is in radio and television broadcasting. I've been a professional announcer, writer and producer for most of my adult life. I was a news anchor - at different times - on Canada's two national TV networks: CBC and CTV. I wrote, produced and performed radio programs in both the public and private sectors of the industry. And even though I'm retired from the broadcasting industry, I continue to work full time as a freelancer.

With all that experience I'm able to give you sound advice on the making of videos - and I can tell you that every other experienced pro will tell you the same.

Not only in video production for the web, but also in commercial television and even in the feature film industry - everything begins with a strong script.

Now that doesn't mean everything has to be written in advance. Documentary videos are nearly always made with "raw" footage that may come from several different sources. But in order to make it all work as a program, someone has to plan it, organize it and write it.

John Adams - A Leading Example

John Adams - Video Marketing Services Mentor There do exist a few internet marketing gurus who are able to make their own training videos and tutorials with no outside help at all. John Adams, creator of Tube Raider, Web Business Masterclass and Make Money Online Advice is a leading example. But these people know their subject matter so well that they're able to conceive, visualize and actually record a complete whiz-bang video with no more than a few notes scratched on a sheet of paper.

But there are many other guys on the internet - less talented than John Adams - who make long, rambling, boring, altogether hideous videos - impossible to watch. And of course people stay away in droves.

So this is my advice to you. If you want to make a professional quality video - a video that puts your message across as Corporate video production - writing content you want it - and you're not an experienced writer, get professional help. Engage a real writer.
We very much look forward to working with you, feel free to pop by and watch some more video marketing creations here on our Dailymotion video marketing channel or on our ever growing website.

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