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    Green Buildings: Why We Must Create a True Market Value



    Green Buildings: Why We Must Create a True Market Value
    National Journal - McColl Center for Visual Art
    An expert panel discusses improving efficiency for cities and cutting consumption.Overtaxed power grids, high electric bills, and air quality concerns are bringing energy issues to the forefront of municipal agendas. Investment in efficiency, energy management, and new technologies is needed, but state and federal budgets face funding challenges. As local officials rethink urban energy use for a new century, they have to grapple with the high upfront costs of retrofitting buildings both public and private. At the same time, new technologies and business models offer urban dwellers fresh options for meeting their energy needs. The Atlantic and National Journal will convene a panel of key voices from the nation's cities and leading industries to discuss strategies for reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency and powering the cities of the future.

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