DE LA ROMANCE 'Something' Official video

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Directed by Julien Hallard
© Les Films Velvet

What can we say about De la Romance ?
It is poetry, poetry offered to all.
Within it, we discover the dazzling of the ordinary, fragments of life, always mixed up.
It is a deprivation, an overflow, a quest, the quest to the purest horizon.

16 commentaires

This is sooo romantic! And the scenery is gorgeous!
Par Alcide Nikopol il y a 2 ans
It is very rare to hear such an inspiring romance song lately... I feel like I am on clouds when listening to this song
Par Kaynat Ahmed il y a 2 ans
It is really so easy to listen to this music, nourishes the soul
Par Angela Nikola il y a 2 ans
Very nice video! I really enjoyed listening to this amazing song.
Par David Peterson il y a 2 ans
nice video i really like it :) keep it!
Par Darko Best il y a 2 ans
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