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    Drive it! In this issue:

    - Present it!: The fifth generation BMW 7 series gets a facelift.

    - Inside it!: Smart BRABUS - The 10th Anniversary. Smart and BRABUS celebrate a decade of working together.

    - Examine it!: VW Beetle Sunshine Tour 2012. Once a year since 2004, fans of the VW Beetle have been converging on Germany's Baltic coast for the VW Beetle Sunshine Tour.

    - Test it: Opel Zafira. There's lots of room even with all seven seats left in. There's no doubt that the Opel Zafira is a practical vehicle, but the latest model puts increased emphasis on design.

    - Vintage: Bentley 3 1/2 Litre. Bentley is a name that stands for excellence, innovation and dramatic change. In 1931, the company went broke and was bought out by competitor Rolls Royce. The first vehicle to be produced after the sale was the Bentley 3 ½ Liter.