How to quickly and easily design and create a Passbook Pass

Pass Kit

by Pass Kit

This video shows you how to easily design and create a Passbook Pass using the PassKit Pass Designer.

You'll see how to quickly turn a traditional paper coupon into a Passbook coupon. You can do the same for event tickets, membership cards, transport tickets, and store cards.

Pass Designer is the only WYSIWYG Passbook Pass Creator that you can access anywhere via a browser. This means you can quickly create stunning looking passes and quickly get them into Apple Passbook.

Please note that this is a preview video of the PassKit Pass Designer web interface, and will be made available to everyone when iOS6 officially releases.

PassKit provide an easy, affordable way for businesses and developers to create, distribute and manage coupons, tickets, store cards, membership cards and much more for the Apple Passbook coming in iOS6.

PassKit will be available to everyone after iOS6 launch

This video demonstrates how quick and easy it is for anyone to design a Passbook Pass. It does not cover all the features of PassDesigner.

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iOS6 and Passkit are still in Beta and as such functionality and features may change and service performance is not guaranteed.