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    Malkovich Stars in Serial Killer Play in Santiago


    by NTDTelevision

    Actor John Malkovich is taking his chamber opera on the road again, this time to Chile.

    Malokovitch portrays Jack Unterweger, an Austrian serial killer who who was famous for killing prostitutes and other females in his life.

    The one-man show, called "The Infernal Comedy - Confessions of a Serial Killer", is interspersed with operatic arias and music, and is based on Unterweger's biography. The real life killer was jailed in 1974 before being released in 1990 by courts that were convinced he was a reformed man. Unterweger became a celebrated writer and journalist, but went on to kill again several times. He committed suicide after being put behind bars again in 1994.

    [John Malkovich, Hollywood Actor]:
    "Jack Unterweger is not so different from many serial killers in that he didn't have much of anything resembling what we would call a conscience. And he was exceedingly gifted a manipulating people and manipulating their perceptions, especially those of women."

    Originally the performance was to be only a one day show in Los Angeles back in 2008. After it opened in Austria there was so much demand that it is still running, mostly in Europe and North America. However its next destination is Santiago, Chile.

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