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    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang Ep 10 [2/3]


    by simplyome

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    Mumu Avast
    Ah !!! "Mister" (Ahjussi) est un s*#a%* !!!
    Je le déteste maintenant !!!! Ah quel *#$ !!!!!!! Pauvres mariés !
    By Mumu Avast4 years ago
    I love Mong-ryong too, but Ahjussi is too sexy to be blam !!
    Go Go Ahjussi !!
    Even if I know that Choon-hyang will be with Mong-ryong at the end I still hope that Ahjussi will be her man !
    By loraine7 years ago
    magz pacumbaba
    mongryoung is such a cute guy!!! that chai rin and the president.. gRrRr... i want to wring there neck!!!
    By magz pacumbaba7 years ago
    yeah the president is foul. we already know that chae rin is as foul as they come. they are both spoiled brats. but i blame chun hyang because she knows that chae rin is hatin on her and she still listens to her. and the other thing is that mong ryoung could have come to the company looking for her knowing that she was with the president. but she insist on playing the victim instead of taking responsibility. she is starting to irk my nerves. i always say " believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see" thx for the upload
    By RareAngel749 years ago
    omg!!!! that pres and chaerin are soooo evil!! i'm like crying and laughing through this
    By Hanan9 years ago
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