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    Euphora Salon & Medi-Spa, The True Essence of Beauty & Well Being

    Euphora Citi

    by Euphora Citi

    A Parliament of Innovation

    In the very beginning our passion for extreme Beauty, style, fashion and perfection allowed us to excel in the hair design, make up artistry, and fashion industry. Although, we asked ourselves if there was anything missing. Yes.

    Every ones desire for health and well being. Hence the creation of Euphora.

    Euphora's unique one of a kind Salon and Health/Medi Spa welcomes all to experience the true art of perfection in every sense of the word and in every service imaginable.

    We have fashioned together what is now recognized as the worlds most renowned creative team of Hair stylists, Hair Extensionists, and Colorist ever. It's this team's passion and creativity that has brought some of the many stylish, edgy and fashionable designs you see through out the world today.

    In addition to our innovative team we have amongst us some of the finest Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Chiropractic Therapist, Dermatologist, and world renowned Cosmetic Surgeon. Each hold a devotion to ensuring every Spa experience is relaxing but leaves you with a refined, replenished and rejuvenating feeling.