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    Interview with Farouk Shami - Founder of Farouk Systems

    Grant Sharp

    by Grant Sharp

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    In this cosmetology education video, we're present an interview with Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk Systems, that was done during the annual Farouk Systems, Be Safe, Be Beautiful Conference held in Cancun in Mexico.

    Farouk Shami is known for having created to environmentally friendly products and ammonia-free hair color long before it was the popular thing to do.

    By taking you backstage, you get an opportunity to also learn how top stylists from around the world are able to produce incredible hair styles with their models on stage. (fantastic stage show included!).

    Many of the models in this video are former Miss Universe contestants. Some of the top stylists you'll see in this cosmetology education video include Mickey Svircevic and Rocky Vitelli whom you've seen on previous episodes of ScissorBoy TV.

    Enjoy this video and let me know what you think by leaving your comments below the video.