bone thugs and harmony foe the love


by iowaluder

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bone thugs and harmony with eazy e doing "foe the love of money"


°o° loooool This is fantastic!
By lylyssansan 5 years ago
"For the Love of Money", a song from the Yomo & Maulkie album Are U Xperienced?, was sampled
By Baron Von Rouge 6 years ago
Born a Pure Golden Child, Seen and Expirienced so much bullshit, the bars fucked up scars, now im straight BlackLike An Islamic Womans Wardrobe, From Head to Toe, No Head Shoulders, No Heart, Just Always KNowing Family Plays an Important Part, Take that from a G and all u got is an Old Villian Ready to play his Part!
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
We the original family that Preys, used kathy Bates as a bait, ask Tyler P, George Washington never been deposited in my Birth Account, I got that Cortez Gold with no reproccusiions, them Jamaicans be on that Percussion, So I Cut the Treble up, let them Ears Bleed, then Open Ya Eyes, Then Say Why, Then Say God Im not Ready to Die, Then I say, Well If Ya Eyes Was Closed along with ya mine, but ya ears was open along with ya mouth why shouldnt I CUT YA? Yall Better Talk to Me Directly, fuck that indirect, talking to anouther nigga about some Mono Y Mono Shit, No Homo Aka No Human shit, Have you ever seen a gorilla fight a Tiger? Have you ever seen A real Tiger comfortable around a bunch of Lions, Fuck NiGGA i aint no Coward, So Covet my Courage and here is some Heart, Death to Artist, This Deeper than Art, Peep The RIP on my REd Chuck Taylors Canvas,
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
The Steelers did it, Congrats Tomilinson, now Its Time For the Home of the Real Dawg Pound to be proud, Blue Collar Crimminal, My Prints on the Work, and if I was Cautious, You could smell that work on my shirt, No Need for Colombia Violencia ahora Padre, I look at the Cops in the eyes, to let him know, one day you will see me one on one, without a Gun, so be careful how u treat me, one tricked me, Pepper sprayed me to subdue me, I remember the Stale bitch name and That Mongoose the cop was riding, Jet Li Rocks on his Doorstop, NO Knocks, Just Osama Rounds, Crumble to the ground, everything from u to ya families name, I saw you in the wedding picture, Simone Way???? I fucking Do it Like Sosa Let the 5 clock shadow grow in Scarface the Movie and Kill You Ya Self, For letting the kids deal, and then fucking with me, for getting it how i Live or Lived, Devil Live....
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
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