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    Combo Skills


    by BeastSkills

    All 'advanced' skills are just a combination of the basics. Learn and master the building blocks and you can combine them to work on these skills.

    I am not a professional acrobat or gymnast, and my form is still decidedly rough, but I can put together what I know to perform the skills you see here.

    Forward roll - (Pull-up strength + False grip strength + Handstand pressing/Ring dip strength + Abdominal compression strength)

    Stalder press - (Handstand balance + Handstand press/Planche work + Lower body mobility)

    Backward roll - (Pull-up strength + False grip strength + Abdominal compression strength + Ring dip strength)

    One arm elbow lever to handstand - (Handstand balance + One arm elbow lever balance + Handstand pushup strength)

    Break down a skill into its components, then attack your weaknesses.