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    Small Business Success Story: Cherry Grove Organic Farm |

    AnnMarie McIlwain

    by AnnMarie McIlwain

    How are farming and white-collar work a lot alike, you may wonder? In either case, you can rent the space to make it happen. Matt Conver is part of a growing trend of young people who are leasing farmland from property owners, and he is reaping plenty of what he sows! In Matt’s case, a combination of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) revenue and farmers market sales pay the bills to support his family, allowing his wife (a trained social worker) to stay home with the kids.

    If you live in an area with existing farmland or land that is suitable for farming, you will most likely need money to get started. is a great resource for loans and grants specific to farming. When you have things up and running, you may want to offer CSA shares to cover some of your initial expenses and this site will help get the word out to potential customers (also a great site to find a CSA in your area and support your local farmers!).

    And finally, a salute to America’s farmers- yes indeed, “they’re farmin’ and they grow it”!

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