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    Flir T640bx T 640 bx Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Thermography
    The Flir T640bx Infrared Camera has 640 x 480 (307,200 pixel) Resolution and gives you maximum ?exibility and ef?ciency for hard working professional thermographers that have demanding workloads.
    Look high or low for hard to find problems very comfortably for long hours with the T640bx, one of thermography's most flexible and ergonomic hand-held infrared cameras. The Flir T640bx features a rotatable optical block which allows you to aim the lens down or up along a 120 degree axis as it keeps the display at a comfortable eye level. You can scan any target from difficult angles with no stress to your neck and back. Also enjoy new features such as a programmable button, 2 cameras (visible light), a 30 Hertz frame rate & a much faster core processor so you can handle huge workloads.