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    Electrohypersensitivity or EHS (Radiation Meters) Electrohypersensitivity or EHS

    Jennifer Smith

    by Jennifer Smith


    Electrohypersensitivity or EHS is a physiological condition. It is characterized by neurological and immunological symptoms that noticeably flare or intensify upon, or following expose to:
    electric and magnetic fields (EMF)
    one or more of the types of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) found in the modern environment
    Having Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity means experiencing recurring stress or illness when near active EMF sources or emitters of EMR. Symptoms normally diminish with distance from these sources but typically require considerable time to vanish after exposure. The World Health Organization identifies this collection of symptoms and triggers as Electrohypersensitivity, often referred to as Electrosensitivity. It is not recognized as a medical diagnosis. However, it is accepted as a functional impairment in Sweden and the Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes it as an environmental sensitivity and classifies it as a disability.