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    Prevention Tips from the EHS Community (Radiation Meters) Prevention Tips from the EHS Community

    Jennifer Smith

    by Jennifer Smith


    Keep bedroom free of battery chargers, cell & digital cordless phones and other wireless products.
    Sleep away from high field areas like the house power main and operational refrigerators. Remember fields extend some distance, even through walls.
    Limit exposure to and keep distance from, TV's, computers and monitors.
    Other common high EMF/EMR sources are: microwave ovens, induction stoves, electrical blankets, hair dryers, heating pads, tanning beds, and radiant heat systems.
    Use standard land line phones. Only use cell phones for short calls or emergencies. Use hands free model and direct the phone antenna away from your body. Do not use headphones.
    Remove digital, cordless phones from home and office; they act as mini-cell towers.
    Do not use wireless networks or gaming systems; instead use cabled/corded alternatives.
    Use a precautionary approach to new electronic devices and systems.
    Use incandescent lighting and not fluorescent.
    Turn off and unplug electrical equipment when not in use.
    Seek out low emission/low field areas both indoors and outdoors to de-stress.
    Because the body of evidence is only now being taken seriously, most family practitioners are still unaware of EHS or anything that is involved in treating it.