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    Pride day part 2 2012

    GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II

    by GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II


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    I am so bad :(..for not commenting on this for you until now..and also I stiiiill haven't put together my few clips into a watchable video :(! however, your filming is much better than mine and I was kinda a lil' more focused on taking pictures to upload to facebook than filming so much ;)
    awwwwe but you must know I am still and always will be smiling sooooo much watching this! :D!!!! for the whole experience, being super O'Gay now and oooh maybe another year I can visit again for Pride so i can get me another band bracelet to complete my "Wonder Woman" rainbow power Pride look!! oh and ahhhh my silly zandana head covering constantly going all squiffy out of place ;)! I just cannot thank you and Michael and Matthew enough for making this such a super special awesome day of my new life! :D!!!!!!
    By 1of3knights4 years ago