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    John Clare - Pleasure's Past


    by poetictouch

    John Clare - Pleasure's Past - Read by Richard Mitchley

    Pleasure's Past
    by John Clare (1793-1864)

    Spring's sweets they are not fled, though Summer's blossom
    Has met its blight of sadness, drooping low;
    Still flowers gone by find beds in memory's bosom,
    Life's nursling buds among the weeds of woe.
    Each pleasing token of Spring's early morning
    Warms with the pleasures which we once did know;
    Each little stem the leafy bank adorning,
    Reminds of joys from infancy that flow.
    Spring's early heralds on the winter smiling,
    That often on their errands meet their doom,
    Primrose and daisy, dreary hours beguiling,
    Smile o'er my pleasures past whene'er they come;
    And the speckt throstle never wakes his song,
    But Life's past Spring seems melting from his tongue.