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    Family Fight Over Baked Chicken Leads to Arrest

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    by Geo Beats

    Man Arrested After Family Fought Over Baked Chicken - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Many families fight over simple matters. It’s usually not something we think about the next day.

    However for a family in Pennsylvania, an argument over dinner escalated, turning ugly very quickly. George Rhome, who is described as an “easygoing guy” became upset when dinner rolled around, complaining about the way the vegetables were cooked. Then the chicken was served and Rhome complained it was too dry and was upset it had been baked instead of fried. The comments offended his daughter-in-law who was cooking the dinner so she threw a chair at him. The fight moved outdoors, to the sidewalk with Rhome’s son involved. Police arrested the upset Rhome and placed a $20,000 bond on him.

    Earlier in August, a dessert led to another domestic argument. 51-year-old, Perry Williams and his wife were reportedly arguing over whether or not key lime pie was considered a fruit. Williams allegedly threw the pie at his wife. Although Williams' wife opted not to press charges, there was evidence of physical abuse on her, leading to charges of criminal domestic violence.