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    Hong Kong Protesters Continue Rally Against National Education Course


    by NTDTelevision

    Today Hong Kong parents and protesters turned out in droves to show their opposition to Hong Kong's new moral and national education course. The protest is a continuation of demonstrations that happened over the weekend, which organizers say saw ninety-thousand people.

    Their goal was to have the class removed from the curriculum before school started on Monday. They were not successful.

    Many Hong Kong residents see the new course as a move from Hong Kong's Mainland-backed leadership to keep coming generations from criticizing the government.

    [Tang Mei Ching, "School Strike Against Brainwashing" Organizer ]:
    "Because they want to raise nationalism, and also they want to brainwash the people and then the people and the students when they grow up they will not fight against this government."

    While the course is supposed to promote national pride, some are concerned that it gives a one sided view on China's politics.

    [Sanyo Ng, 22-Year Old Student]:
    "Because I think that love is we love the positive and the negative thing. But I think on this teaching course, it's only teaching us the positive things of our nation, and I think this is not the real love."

    And other students are even going on hunger strikes to raise awareness.

    [Chan Tak Wan, Student Hunger Striker]:
    "Because the government is ignore our, the people's, feeling. So I think I can use my body against the government."

    On Saturday night, a Hong Kong education bureau spokesman said teachers would be able to interpret and develop the content of the course.

    Local media reports have said most schools don't plan to introduce it this year, however the plan is to make the course compulsory in all schools by 2016.

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