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    Nerves of Steel: Daredevil climber conquers Stalin Skyscrapers

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Video courtesy: Artyom Pirniyazov

    Warning: if you have a problem with heights look away now! A stomach-churning video showing a Russian daredevil as he scrambles to one of Moscow's highest points will make you dizzy just watching it. Adrenaline junkie Artyom Pirniyazov, completely devoid of any safety equipment, hauls his way to the pinnacle of the Kotelnicheskaya Building, which stands at a staggering 176 meters high. The video was an instant online hit generating thousands of comments in awe of the thrill-seeker's unreal feat. The video comes in three gut-wrenching installments aptly titled "Reach for the Star" that document the entire climb to the crowning star of the skyscraper, one of seven similar building's around Moscow known in English as "Stalin's Seven Sisters".

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