Advertising Console C501 Bison Rifle BB Gun

    501 Bison Rifle BB Gun. This BISON 501 BB Gun is a really nice BB gun .Really powerful and can fire over 50 meters. The bison bb guns are among our top guns at the moment the performance of this gun is first class and its also well made the range, power and Accuracy of this
    Pistol Type Shotgun Wood like!
    Sawn off barrel!!
    Awesome Looking Shot Gun!
    Metal internal Barrel!!
    Wood like finish!
    Hop up Version!!
    1/1 Scale Completed High Grade Airsoft gun
    Hand Pump Shotgun!!
    Magazine, Quick Filler, Safety Glasses, Strap
    360FPS with a .12g BB
    Magazine holds 30 rounds
    55 cm long