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    Reycralibur, episode 7


    by KidKira

    "The Man Who Shot Cruel Kim"
    The raid is on! With the help of Opal, our heroes charge right into Kim's hideout! Not only do they have to take back their ship, they also have rescue the mayor of Trevor Gulch and obtain the Gem of Reycralibur. ...Hey, what happened to Sally and Tryone?

    I'll be the first to say it, this episode sucks. It's become more apparent that with a 11-minute time limit, I'm rushing through plot points and exposition. That's all gonna change next episode, it's gonna be a four-parter! Character development will be a major focus in the coming episodes. Not to mention, it's also the climax to this "story arc."

    But that's enough spoilers. Anyway, this is the conclusion to episode 6. Enjoy yourself.