Advertising Console



    by peckton8

    Google Analytics is a useful tool for tracking SEO Rankings. It collects in-depth information of given website, tracks fifty pages of each domain & extracts a treasure trove of information on each page. Signing up for Google Analytics is free and is as simple as signing up for a Google account. By signing up, you will be able to access all the free tools offered by Google to track your website. One of the first things to look at in this tool is how many visitors entered your site, where the visitors came from and how they found your site.

    Once you sign up and implement the tracking code on the pages you want to monitor, Google will start recording all traffic tendencies such as total visitors to each page & time on each site. These analytical results can be used for search engine optimization efforts. You will be able to tweak and test SEO methods to determine the right changes for your site. These exact changes will help bring more traffic to your website and ultimately get more customers in your business.

    You should always look to see if your visitors are unique or non-unique visitors. This is vital information to find out whether a hundred different users have visited or whether the same people show up as multiple visitors, or even if 20 users have visited multiple times. Returning visitors are a good indication that you have provided content that is useful to them, or “sticky”. You can also find out how a visitor has found your site. This might be via a keyword search in a search engine, links from social media sites or referrals from other websites or blogs. With this SEO rankings tool you can also determine what keywords someone has searched to find your site.