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We seek to work in partnership with companies that share our commitment to ethical and sustainable working practices
However, in some of the joint ventures, we do not directly control how our partners and their employees approach these issues.
Typically, our level of influence or control over a project or operation is linked to the size of our financial stake compared to other participants. In some joint ventures we act as the operator. Where we are the operator, and where legal and contractual arrangements allow, our policies, standards and operating systems apply.
In other cases, for example where one of our partners is the designated operator or where the operator is a joint venture company owned by BP and other companies, we are not the day-to-day operator. In those cases our operating management system provides for our businesses to consider whether the management system used by the operator provides similar levels of risk and performance management to our own. We seek to influence our partners through dialogue and constructive engagement.
In 2011, BP initiated a review into our approach to the management of our relationships with non-operated joint venture operators and partners. This work includes safety and operational risk, as well as bribery and corruption risk.

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