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    How to Convert Mangal to Kruti


    How to Convert Mangal to Kruti
    Key Features:
    •The first tool in the Market which supports True Conversion of Unicode it means you can now convert real text with English and Hindi mix directly from unicode to Kruti font.
    •FASTEST Unicode Converter can converts 100's of pages in minutes.
    •UTF-8 / Unicode to ANSI Converter for Devnagari Scripts.
    •Supports Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Maithaili, Bhojpuri & Other Devnagari Scripts Unicode •Conversion to Ansi conversion.
    •Converts Unicode Mangal (Arial Unicode MS) to Kruti dev.
    •Maintain English Text while conversion.
    •No need to format document for English (True Unicode Conversion).
    •Converts thousands of words in a minute with 100% accuracy.
    •Save converted text in RTF/TXT format which can open in MS Word.
    •Preview converted data in MS WORD/ HTML BROWSER and can save in Word & HTML.