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    How to Get Free Cell Service Witout a Contract - Jay Bartels the Phone Guy

    Jay Bartels

    by Jay Bartels

    78 views There's really no legal way to get free cell phone service however I can show you a get 3 and yours is free referral program. Pre-paid phone service is the fast becoming the way to go and with the big 4 carriers now getting involved in the market any phone with any carrier can now be used with these affiliate services.

    Most GSM phones (At&t and T-mobile) can be used with Tmobile or simple mobile pre-paid or for att&t H20 or Red Pocket. CDMA carriers such as Sprint and Verizon are also offering pre-paid services through companies such as boost mobile and virgin mobile as well as Pageplus and Altell.

    People are only recently becoming aware that Metro Pcs is not the only kid on the block any more offering pre-paid.

    But let's take it a step further, what if I could show you how to eliminate your cell phone bill all together? How about making a nice living helping people save money?Here it is my friends.