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    Overson L105a= the curse of Ham as a homies OJ on non whites


    by Mikeoverson

    THE END OF MY CLASSES and BLOG is best explained @ This L105a has more links at

    L105a and b has a few rated R scenes. Just like at the start of class L104 I got a sudden call to work on this 24 hours straight (8-31-12) because the lease on my apartment (and life) was in danger. What appears to be the wrath of God for this attack on me is to revive the curse of Ham on non whites, (also explained @ 60 to 64 minutes on class 103 here at Vimeo, I should’ve put that in this class but I didn’t think of it till now). I show many examples of this being a homies OJ, like black, asian and Hawaiian heros in heaven that are judging blacks, asians and Hawaiians on earth for being too prejudice or too late in trying getting rid of that prejudice. I just did that about blacks in class L104 @ 1:24 to 1:42 hours here at Vimeo, (a few of those scenes are in this class also). It’s been very good luck for me to make a magic class if I touch base with heros so this is another patriotic tribute, (12 of my videos are at the Vimeo group “Military Tributes” and this will make the 13th). Me and the porn business and my calling to represent Jesus’ return is at 52 to 58 minutes. Class L105a can be downloaded from page 17 of MikeOversonEndTimes.COM.