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    by alcoholallergy


    Sudden alcohol allergy is something that happened to me. I become a heavy and frequent alcohol consumer and was able to drink without alcohol allergy or Asian Flush symptoms for several years. All of a sudden one day I was hit with a whole host of symptoms of alcohol allergy. This had never happened to me before.

    What had happen was the chronic long term alcohol consumption had compromised the healthy functioning and performance of my liver. Because of damage my liver was no longer able to keep up with producing adequate amounts of active Asian Flush enzyme ( Aldehyde Dehydrogenase ). From that day forward I experienced alcohol allergy symptoms whenever I drank.

    At the time I had never heard of alcohol allergy treatments like the No Red Face Formula so I quit drinking. Even if I was aware of these alternatives to continue drinking would have been foolish and surely would have sent me to an early grave. If you are suffering from sudden alcohol allergy you should quit drinking. Be sure to visit your doctor and discuss options with him/her.