Tripoli inside report: 'Snipers target reporters, NATO bombs falling'

RT News Channel

RT News Channel

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Government tanks are shelling parts of central Tripoli despite rebels claiming they are in control of most of the Libyan capital. One of Gaddafi's sons is reportedly leading forces towards the city centre. Earlier three of his other sons were said to have been arrested. Heavy fighting has been reported near the Libyan leader's residence. Meanwhile state TV is still airing pro-Gaddafi programmes. Rumours are circulating that Gaddafi may be in talks with South Africa about a possible escape despite denials from both sides. Following a night of chaos in the capital, crowds were seen in the city's central square with people waving revolutionary flags. Journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya says the hotel in Tripoli where the foreign press has been obliged to stay during the conflict has been looted.

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