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    Child Obesity Reaches 120 Million in China


    by NTDTelevision

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    The number of obese children in China has reached 120 million, according to a report by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This upward trend could have unforeseen impacts in the future.

    Anti-obesity expert, Professor Barry Popkins, told the, that China’s child obesity numbers could double in the next decade. He estimated that in the year 2000, obesity indirectly resulted in an economic burden of 3.82% of China’s GDP. He predicts that by this year, that figure could be 8.73% - from things like loss in production and medical costs.

    The report measured the Body Mass Index, or BMI, of children under 18 years-old. If the index is 25 or higher, the child is considered overweight. An index of 30 or more is classified as obese.

    The rise in obesity of Chinese children has been blamed on a combination of a more sedentary lifestyle, higher calorie foods, and the convenience of modern technology.

    Children in both cities and the countryside are being affected but obesity rates in urban children are higher. Obesity has been on the rise in younger children as well and this trend is also expected to continue.

    The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention says it aims to bring obesity in Children down to 8% by 2015.

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