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    City Plans Cameras to Catch Stop Sign Offenders

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    City Plans Cameras at Stop Signs - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Washington D.C. seems to be leading the pack in the usage of cameras to catch traffic offenders. The newest plans are to install stop sign cameras, which would make D.C. the first place in the United States using cameras to monitor the signs. And that’s not all the District of Columbia plans to do. Officials want to add additional automated cameras to capture drivers who get stuck in an intersection and block or drive through pedestrian crosswalks. Trucks will also be monitored as tickets will be issued to the ones that are overloaded. According to reports, D.C. hopes to install more than a dozen new cameras once all the paperwork is finalized.

    But there is some good news for drivers. The D.C. council is thinking of lowering ticket costs for traffic camera offenders.

    The District of Columbia took in $55 million in fines last year due to the installation of red light cameras and increased ticket costs. D.C. authorities claimed the use of cameras is to ensure traffic safety, but may residents say the district is simply increasing its revenue.