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    "I was complimented on my smile recently, and it was a long time coming!"

    Carleigh Prane

    by Carleigh Prane

    97 views, "I had been self-conscious about my smile my whole life, so I was determined to have cosmetic dentistry. I interviewed 4 dentists and decided Dr. Prane was the right cosmetic dentist for the job since she was completely forthright about what she could and could not do for my smile."

    Cosmetic Dentistry can change your life like it did Suzanne's. Dr. Prane and her amazing staff at Stone Falls Dental Care in O'Fallon, IL can help you get the smile you have always dreamed of but were not sure was achievable. Cosmetic Dentistry is a process. If your teeth are like Suzanne's it won't happen overnight. Sometimes teeth have to be straightened before they can be worked on! But what she found, and what you might find as well, is the process is fun, and the temporary teeth look better than your real teeth! And if the temporary teeth look better than your real teeth, can you imagine how awesome your finished product will look!!!???

    Restore your confidence. Or maybe you will have confidence you never had before. Either way, you will be shocked at how great it feels to have a gorgeous smile. Psychologists say a gorgeous smile accounts for 60% of your face value in terms of attractiveness. Newly single? Getting older? Looking for a new job? Want that promotion at work? If you want to feel young, beautiful, and confident, maybe a new smile is the thing you need! The rest of your life can start today. Stone Falls Dental Care can help.

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