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    Vietnam war's 'napalm girl' forty years on

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

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    Forty years ago a single photograph of a nine-year-old girl, her body scarred by napalm, helped swell opposition to
    the Vietnam war.

    The US-made product, a thickening agent mixed with petroleum or other fuel, and reaching temperatures of 1,200
    degrees Celcius, was used as a weapon during the war.

    The Associated Press photograph of Kim Phuc Phan Ti, who became known as the 'napalm girl' showed how the chemical burned its victims to the bone.

    Kim survived and, still bearing the scars of war, she now resides near Toronto where she is a UNESCO ambassador
    and an activist for the youngest victims of wars.

    Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Toronto.