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    Brunch at the Combine Eatery


    by Viewthevibe

    If you follow me on Twitter, it should come as no surprise that I absolutely adore the Combine Eatery. I like to think of it as a third home (the first two being my apartment and office, of course). The owners – the dynamic duo of sister/brother team Amy and Albert – are quite possibly the most amazing people you'll ever meet. Hands down. And they like to get me all liquored up.

    About a month or so ago they brought a new cook into the kitchen: Chef Mario Escobar, formerly of Hill Country in New York. Yeah, dude has Southwestern pedigree like no one's business. He's already started making changes to the menu and the way the dishes are prepared – the new slaw...ah...the new slaw – and with him at the helm it was time for the Combine to launch...wait for it...brunch! Yes, good folk, we've got us a new Southwestern brunch to indulge in. And it's pretty effin' rad.

    Nicki, Sam, and I headed over a couple weeks ago to partake and see what's been developing. Delighted would be a good adjective to describe our state post-meal. I scooped up the Dad's Egg Casserole (a hearty mix of chorizo sausage, red potatoes, and chipotle sauce underneath two sunny-side up eggs served in a cast iron skillet) which stuffed me silly; Nicki and Sam split the Eggs Benny Combine Style with some of the most delicious Hollandaise you'll ever try (with a hit of spice from poblano peppers, of course) and the Open Face Pulled Beef Sandwich which was just balanced goodness (order extra Ranchero Sauce with that one!); and of course, plenty of pints to go 'round.

    Watch the vlog to see why we were some happy folk, and be sure to check out Combine Eatery's brunch (and lunch, and dinner, and cocktail list at night while you're at it).