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    Bar Mozza at Alimento Fine Foods


    by Viewthevibe

    A couple weeks ago we were invited to check out Alimento Fine Foods and their restaurant Bar Mozza. Seeing as how it was the same night as the PF Chang's opening, Nicki and I split duties. (Which worked out well because I don't drive and the trip up to the Shops at Don Mills is just too dreadful for me to even fathom.) So li'l Adara joined me for an Italian feast at this resto/market/event venue trifecta.

    Like most, I'd known about Alimento for awhile. The signage had been up for almost two years before they finally opened their doors last December. (Turns out they'd completely renovated the inside a second time because the first incarnation wasn't up to the owners' standards.) But I'd yet to walk the three blocks out of the way en route home to check it out. Bit of a mistake, I must say.

    While the market is cozy and boasts a whack-load of Italian fare, we were on the other side for the evening's food frenzy. Inside Bar Mozza is a nice bit of beauty. We were sitting at the grandiose marble table, speckled with meat and cheese boards, chic floral arrangements, and the sun pouring in from the west as it set. We ate a lot – in the vlog you'll see a lightning round of six desserts – and left wholly stuffed. But hey, that's the life of a digital director at a restaurant video guide...and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

    Alimento Fine Foods and Bar Mozza | 522 King Street West