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    People & Power - Algeria: The revolution that never was

    Al Jazeera English

    by Al Jazeera English

    Why did the uprisings that brought down governments across North Africa and the Middle East fail to materialise in Algeria? Was it, as the government would claim, because of the regime's 'progressive leadership' or has something more sinister and complex been going on? Opponents and human rights activists say it has more to do with a wary population traumatised by the country's violent past and and living in fear of its secret police. People & Power wanted to find out more, but getting into Algeria is difficult - not least because Al Jazeera has been denied official access to the country since 2004. When our requests for journalist visas were ignored, our filmmakers managed to get in unofficially and were able to work discreetly. Algeria: The revolution that never was reveals what they found.