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    The targets of gene therapy are the genes carried on 23 human chromosomes


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    The targets of gene therapy

    Are the genes carried on 23 chromosomes and the proteins they encode. Most of us have 46 chromosomes, a set 23 from each parent. Successful gene therapy depends as much on manipulating cells, including immune cells, as the genes inside the cells.

    The germline, or the sex chromosome, that produces sperm or eggs is the 23rd of each sex. It's usually not targeted because the result of DNA manipulation can be passed to children of the next generation.

    Genes tells cells how to make proteins that power enzymatic speeding of chemical reactions. That power the work of structural, storage, transport, hormonal, defense and receptor proteins.

    What is gene therapy?

    Many genetic diseases are caused by different genes working together: Diabetes, hypertension, Hiv Aids, Parkinsons disease, peptic ulcers, pain, cancer, heart disease, autism , alzheimers, ADD ADHD.

    Other genetic diseases are caused by a single gene: Huntingtons disease, Hiv Aids, cystic fibrosis, si