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    Generic Video Marketing together with Nigel Phillips and has emerged as the one single most powerful way to promote your business on the Internet.

    Are you PROMOTING an online Business or Service?

    Are your competitors getting all the traffic and all the success?

    Do you wonder HOW they're driving all that traffic to their websites -- how they're targeting so many visitors?

    Well, stop wondering and start earning! Make your website really work for you!

    There are 255 million websites on the internet -- all competing for traffic. There are 275 million people browsing the net every year in North America. That's more than 22 million users every month! 700 thousand people a day!

    Imagine what only a fraction of that traffic could do for your business. Think of the leads you could get -- the conversions that would mean more revenue for your business.

    I very much look forward to working with you, feel free to pop by and watch some more video marketing creations here on our Dailymotion channel or on our ever growing website.